Side events 2016


The traditional moment of Paganinian Conversations also returns. The first, curated by Roberto Iovino – director of the ‘Niccolò Paganini’ Conservatory of Genoa – and Nicole Olivieri entitled “Paganini Manager“, will be held on 17 July at 9.00 pm at the former Oratory of Sant’Erasmo in Bonassola.
The second will take place on August 14th at 6.00 pm at Casa Nasca in Carro. We will talk about “Europe and music: a dialogue without borders?” by Cinzia Laurelli – consultant on European policies.
Concept and coordination: +The Association of Paganini Music Carro


by Ernesto Solari
The exhibition presents about 60 unpublished works by the Como artist Ernesto Solari, well-known scholar and researcher of the work of Leonardo da Vinci and includes pictorial interpretations of Paganini’s Capricci realized on nineteenth-century canvases, caskets and pyrographed scores, some sculptures dedicated to the great violinist and to his “Cannone”, a tribute to the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and to the violin in Art.
The exhibition will be inaugurated on 17 July 2016 at 7.00 pm and will remain open every day from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm
On 22/7 at 9.30 pm, at the Castle, there will be a meeting with the author Ernesto Solari on the theme: “From Leonardo to Paganini
The exhibition from August 1st to September 14th will be transferred to the Diocesan Museum of Brugnato.
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Courtesy Ernesto Solari


An initiative designed to combine two different art forms such as music and literature, in order to create a powerful cultural experience.
Before each concert there will be a brief reading investigating the relationship between music and creative writing
The book extracts, by Italian and foreign authors, will be selected by the publisher Iperborea, which supports and promotes the project.

Saturday 16 July 

Carro, Piazza della Chiesa     
Il concerto dei pesci  Halldór Laxness
Actor: Roberto Alinghieri

Saturday 23 July

Brugnato, Diocesan Museum Courtyard  
Scompartimento n.6 Rosa Liksom
Actors: Valentina Bussolini, Elven Miano, Barbara Nobile

Sunday 24 July

Bonassola, Santa Caterina Church 
Nella casa del pianista Jan Brokken
Part 1
Actor: Roberto Alinghieri

Tuesday 26 July

Framura, Castagnola
Chiarori  Göran Tunström
Actors: Valentina Bussolini, Davide Calabria

Thursday 28 July

Rocchetta Vara, Suvero, San Giovanni Battista Church
Paradiso e inferno Jón Kalman Stefánsson
Actor: Valentina Bonati

Saturday 30 July

Carro, Piazza della Chiesa 
Anime baltiche Jan Brokken
Part 1
Actor: Roberto Alinghieri

Sunday 31 July 

Beverino Castello, Santa Croce Church    
Il cuore dell’uomo Jón Kalman Stefánsson
Part 1
Actors: Davide Calabria, Elven Miano, Barbara Nobile

Tuesday 2 August

Sesta Godano, Airola
Io sono il maestro Hrafnhildur Hagalín
Actors:  Roberto Alinghieri, Davide Calabria, Federica De Mattei

Wednesday 10 August

Bolano, Oratory
Il libro dell’inverno Tove Jansson
Actor: Roberto Alinghieri

Friday 12 August

Riccò del Golfo San Benedetto, San Benedetto Church
Anime baltiche Jan Brokken
Part 2
Actor: Valentina Bonati

Sunday 14 August

Carro, Piazza della Chiesa    ​
Nella casa del pianista Jan Brokken
Part 2
Actor: Roberto Alinghieri

Project coordinator, in collaboration with Iperborea: Elena Mazzoli


Five openings located in the space outside to where concerts are held, five informal meetings with the artists: Dino de Simone, Paolo de Nevi, Urit Luden, Eva Nedergaard and Helen Donnelly.
It is a small selection of works exhibited also in Italy and abroad by the association CONTEA DI LEVANTE, an association that aims to survey the landscape with the eyes of new travelers, still journeying on the routes of a “petit tour “expanded to cross the paths of the wonderful and “unsaid” hinterland.
In turn, seated among the audience, there will be critics and artists, who, during the break and at the end of concerts, will be willing to start informal conversation about the particular language which shapes the exhibited works. All the artists, who lived or worked in La Spezia area, have been able to come up with a new and original visions of this territory, moving away from traditional landscape paintings by breaking its stereotypes.
An artist-signed postcards will be given to the visitors. A way to remember and spread the aesthetic quality of the landscape consciously reinterpreted by contemporary artists.
The works will be exhibited at the following concerts:

16 July – CARRO
23 July – BRUGNATO
27 July – FRAMURA

Ideazione e coordinamento: Contea di Levante  

Courtesy Contea di Levante