The Association

Formed in 2007, the Association of Friends of the Festival Paganiniano of Carro, has, as its main objective, the promotion and support of the concerts of the Festival, organized by the Società dei Concerti, and of the territory of the Val di Vara.
In March 2020 the Association has joined the Consortium L’altra Liguria dealing with the development of associations and companies  of Val di Vara.
​The Association create and coordinate fundraising campaigns and crowdfunding by which everyone can become supporters.

President: Monica Amari Staglieno
Vice President: Antonietta Borachia
Treasurer: Bruno la Rosa
Advisors: Davide Calabria, Simonetta Costa Tartatini, Rosanna De Rosa Bonanni, Oscar Marcheggiani, Antonella Sivori, Virginia Zucchi.


In 2020 the Association awarded a scholarship of 500 euros to Alex Poggi, a student of the Liceo Musicale Sandro Pertini in Genoa, who has distinguished himself in violin studies to celebrate the reconstruction of the new Genoa Bridge.
He promoted and coordinated the conference-concert entitled “Paganini and his love for the guitar in chamber music” by Domenico Lafasciano, guitar, and Marco Fornaciari, violin. On the occasion of the meeting held in the multimedia center N. Paganini in Carro, the historic Ory-Koliker guitar was played, built in Paris in 1797 and belonged to the great virtuosist Niccolò Paganini.

In 2019, at the Parentucelli Arzelà Secondary Institute in Sarzana, “Meeting with the author” with Anna Rolando, author of the book “Applauding with your feet” in order to make students aware of the importance of musical education and the Festival Paganinian of Carro.
The event that took place on 24 May was coordinated by Maria Cristina Sabatini and financed thanks to a tender from the Municipality of Sarzana.
On 3 August a meeting was organized in Montemarcello, in collaboration with the cultural association “La stanza del vento”, to commemorate the presence of N. Paganini in Ameglia during the summer months when the violinist used to be a guest in the villa of the his lawyer, friend and confidant Luigi Guglielmo Germi.

In 2018, on the occasion of the year dedicated by the European Union to cultural heritage, it sponsored the European Paganini Route event, a series of six concerts dedicated to the music of N. Paganini to celebrate the figure of the great violist as an example of a European citizen before litteram. The event with concerts in Munich, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Nice and Marseille realized in collaboration with the Italian Embassies and Institutes of culture, retraced some stages of Paganini’s tour, which took place from 1829 to 1834, in the most important European cities.

In 2016 he organized the Ernesto Solari exhibition entitled “Harmonies of shapes and colors in the whims of N. Paganini” in the castle of Bonassola from 17 to 30 July and in the Diocesan Museum of Brugnato from 1 August to 14 September.

From 2015 to 2017, in the months of July, he continued to organize the Carro Music Campus created by the La Spezia Concerts Society, in collaboration with the G. Puccini Conservatory.

From 2015 to 2016 he created, in collaboration with some of the most important national publishing houses, Incroci creativi, dedicated to the encounter between music and literature, preceding the beginning of the concerts with the reading of narrative passages that had music as a general theme. in all its relations and effects on reality.

In 2015, on the occasion of the traditional paganinian conversation, which concludes the Festival in Carro on August 14, he promoted the conference by Denise Lentini who illustrated the “Doremat” project (, an innovative method with which mathematics is taught through music in secondary schools.

In 2014 he sponsored the first violin master class organized in Carro from 13 to 17 July by Francesco Manara, first violin of La Scala.
He organized, from 8 July to 20 August, the photographic exhibition “Historical Theaters of Liguria”, curated by Roberto Iovino at the Diocesan Museum of Brugnato and sponsored the exhibition by Giuseppe Palombi “Aspects and faces of the Ligurian and Tuscan Apennines Carro oils and sculptures, The Mangiante vaults of Palazzo Paganini, held from 12 July to 14 August 2014.

In 2012 he created the Paganiniano Festival site in Carro.

In 2011, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Paganiniano di Carro Festival, he commissioned Franco Mapelli, a photographic journey on the
by Niccolò Paganini edited by Maria Perosino. The exhibition “Listening to the landscape” was recognized by the Presidency of the Republic and the Bureau of the Senate and was held in Rome, at Palazzo Taverna, in La Spezia at CAMeC, the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, in Genoa in the Foyer Auditorium of the Strada Nuova Museums.

In 2009 the Association contributed to the restoration of the roof and doors of the Church of San Lorenzo di Carro and, in 2010, it conceived and created “Il Libretto degli Amici”, a guide with itineraries, addresses and suggestions for discovering the val di Vara and surroundings.

The Association collaborates with the Pro Loco “Niccolò Paganini” of Carro to welcome tourists at the concerts that take place in Carro and supports the shuttle bus service that connects La Spezia with the places where the concerts are held.

Richard Clare, Carro, 2004, oil on panel, 25 × 18 cm, courtesy of the Private Collection