Società dei  Concerti

Since 1974, the Società dei Concerti,  thanks to an agreement with the municipality, has organized the season of Civic Theatre and, from 2002, the Pagaini Music Festival of Carro. 

Since its foundation in 1969, the Società dei Concerti has organized more than 2000 concerts as well as numerous opportunities for interaction and discussion with music fans and composers. 


The aim of the Società dei Concerti as stated in its statute is to “promote and coordinate the diffusion of musical culture in the territories of the Province La Spezia and the Region of Liguria, with a periodic series of concerts and conversations and conventions, along with exchanges within the region of Liguria”. 

The Società dei Concerti is the most important institution operating in the promotion of musical culture in the province of La Spezia.

via del Prione 45
19121 La Spezia
tel +39 0187 731214