17th edition 2018

July/August 2018

The Paganini Music Festival of Carro is dedicated, in general, to musical virtuosity and with a particular attention to the selection of international ensembles and solists who have been inspired by Niccolò Paganini.  

We are proud to announce that the Paganini Music Festival has received the EFFE Label 2015-2016 from the EFFE International Jury. EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, initiated by the European Festivals Association, is the portal for citizens and for professionals to discover and get involved in Europe’s festivals.  It is a new international festival platform connecting festivals that are deeply committed to the arts, their communities and European values. The platform invites audiences worldwide to access up-to-date festival information and participate in festivals across Europe. 
Above all EFFE recognizes the immense excellence of these festivals in their daily local work all across Europe. 

You can relive the 16th festival through our gallery and by visiting the press corner or browsing the program of previous edition and its side events.

Program updated to 10 June 2018


dal 12 al 17 luglio, a La Spezia, Conservatorio Puccini

from 12 to 17 July, in La Spezia, Puccini Conservatory
Summer Music Campus of the Giacomo Puccini Conservatory – La Spezia
dedicated to the “Musica d’Insieme”
aimed at young students of the Puccini Conservatory
Teachers: Luca Simoncini, Ruggero Marchesi, Francesco Mercurio

Saturday 14 July 9pm, Carro (SP), Church Square

Recital of the violinist
Domenico Nordio
Domenico Nordio violin, Federico Lovato piano
Music by G.Faurè, C.Debussy, F. Schumann

Monday 16 July 9pm Levanto (SP), Churchyard of S.Andrea

Concert with two pianos and percussion
Luca Innocenti and Edoardo Benucci piano
Luca Manfredini and Athos Bovi percussion
Music by B.Bartok, S.Rachmaninov

Tuesday 17 July 9pm Brugnato (SP), Courtyard of the Diocesan

Baroque concert for cello and strings
Luca Simoncini solo cello
Students and teachers of the Music Campus of the G.Puccini
Conservatory of La Spezia
Music by F. Geminiani, A.Vivaldi, W.A.Mozart, E.Elgar

Thursday 19 July 9pm Vernazza (SP), Church of Santa Margherita

The Brandenburg Concerts by J.S.Bach
Students and teachers of the Music Campus of the G.Puccini
Conservatory of La Spezia Ruggero Marchesi, Michela Puca, Mattia Aita
violins – Eva Kasheva viola
Francesco Genovesi cello – Antonio Mercurio double bass
Riccardo Lippi, Emma Longo flutes – Matteo Pasqualini harpsichord
Mattia Ciampi oboe – Niccolò Sergi bassoon
The Brandenburg Concerts 1 – 4 – 5 by J.S.Bach

Friday 20 July 9pm Beverino (SP), Church of Santa Croce

Cello and piano duo
Luca Simoncini cello, Federico Rovini piano
Music by J.Brahms, L.v.Beethoven

Sunday 22 July 9pm Santo Stefano di Magra (SP), Piazza della Pace

The piano, between solo virtuosity and living room
Concert by the students of the Summer Courses of the G.Puccini
Conservatory of La Spezia Presentation by Fabrizio Giovannelli
Music by various authors

Tuesday 24 July 9pm Arcola (SP), Churchyard of S.Nicolò

Duo Angeleri / Trenti – violin and guitar
Giovanni Angeleri violin (Winner of the Paganini prize 1997)
Michele Trenti guitar
Music by N. Paganini
* In collaboration with Paganini Genova Festival *

Thursday 26 July 9pm Framura (SP), hamlet of Castagnola

Recital of the violinist
Macha Diatchenko
Music by N. Paganini, J.S.Bach, B.Bartok, E.Ysaye, F.Kreisler

Saturday 28 July 9pm Carro (SP), Church Square

Quintet with clarinet
Quartetto Noûs: Tiziano Baviera and Alberto Franchin violin,
Sara Dambruoso viola, Tommaso Tesini cello
clarinetist Tommaso Lonquich
Music by G.Puccini, F. Mendelssohn, J.Brahms

Monday 30 July 9pm Suvero, Rocchetta Vara (SP)

Church of San Giovanni Battista
Trio Friedrich
Massimo Gatti viol, Raffaele Bertolini clarinet, Ilaria Costantino piano
Music by F. Mendelssohn, Max Bruch, A. Piazzolla

Friday 3 August 9pm Sesta Godano (SP), village of Airola

Recital of the pianist
Carlo Solinas
voice acting Roberto Alinghieri
Music by F. Liszt, F. Chopin

Saturday 4 August 6:30pm Montemarcello-Ameglia (SP)

La Marrana arteambientale
Igor Strawinsky:
Histoire du soldat
Musician-actor Luigi Maio
Valerio Giannarelli violin, Danilo Zauli clarinet,
Luigi Tedone bassoon, Riccardo Pasquini trumpet, Danilo Grandi double
Daniele Lunardini percussion
Igor Strawinsky: Histoire du soldat
Free entry with reservations required: info@sdclaspezia.it
* In collaboration with Paganini Genova Festival *

Tuesday 7 August 9pm Levanto (SP), Churchyard of S.Andrea

Duo Pinzaru / Mass
Adrian Pinzaru violin, Valentina Mass piano
Music by A.Dvorak, J.Brahms, N.Paganini, C.Franck

Thursday 9 August 9pm Bonassola (SP), Church of Santa Caterina

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Octet for strings
in E flat major op. 20 (MWV R20)
Giulio Plotino, Valerio Giannarelli, Camilla Dioli, Beatrice Puccini violins
Flaminia Zanelli, Pietro Romagnoli violas
Paolo Ognissanti, Rachele Nucci cellos
Music by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Sunday 12 August 9pm Santo Stefano di Magra (SP), village of Ponzano alto

Recital of the violinist
Areg Navasardyan
pianist Guido Bottaro
Music by J.Brahms, C.Saint Saëns, N.Paganini, Brahms / Paganini

Tuesday 14 August 9pm Carro (SP), Church Square

Berliner Streichquintette with Roberto Issoglio
String Quintet of the Berliner Symphonikers
Luiz Felipe Coelho, Talirz Wolfgang, Romano Tommasini, Tatiana
Vassilieva, Janusz Widzyk
Roberto Issoglio piano
Music by F. Schubert, G.Rossini, G.Tartini, P.I.Tchaikovsky, P.Sarasate

Paganinian Festival 2018 concert prices

Saturday 14 July, Carro, Domenico Nordio: full ticket €15.00 – reduced €
Monday 16 July,
Levanto, Concert with two pianos and percussion: full
ticket € 10.00 – reduced € 8.00
Tuesday 17 July
Brugnato, Baroque Concert for cello and strings: full
ticket € 10.00 – reduced € 8.00
Thursday 19 July,
Vernazza, The Brandenburg Concerts: full ticket €
10.00 – reduced € 8.00
Friday 20 July,
Beverino, cello and piano duo: full ticket € 10.00 –
reduced € 8.00
Sunday 22 July,
Santo Stefano di Magra, Il Pianoforte: free entry
Tuesday 24 July,
Arcola, Duo Angeleri / Trenti: free entry
Thursday 26 July,
Framura, Macha Diatchenko: full ticket € 10.00 –
reduced € 8.00
Saturday 28 July,
Carro, Quintet with clarinet: full ticket € 15.00 –
reduced € 12.00
Monday, July 30,
Suvero, Trio Friedrich: full ticket € 10.00 – reduced €
Friday 3 August,
Airola, Carlo Solinas: full ticket € 10.00 – reduced €
Saturday 4 August,
Montemarcello-Ameglia, Histoire du soldat: free
entry with reservation required:info@sdclaspezia.it 
Tuesday 7 August,
Levanto, Duo Pinzaru / Mass: full ticket € 10.00 –
reduced € 8.00
Thursday 9 August,
Bonassola, octet for strings: free entry
Sunday 12 August,
Ponzano alto, Areg Navasardyan: full ticket € 10.00 –
reduced € 8.00
Tuesday 14 August,
Carro, Berliner Streichquintette: full ticket € 15.00 –
reduced € 12.00

Subscription to all concerts – € 50.00