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August 2020

Program 2020

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The Paganini Music Festival of Carro is dedicated, in general, to musical virtuosity and with a particular attention to the selection of international ensembles and solists who have been inspired by Niccolò Paganini.  

We are proud to announce that the Paganini Music Festival has received the EFFE Label 2015-2016 from the EFFE International Jury. EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, initiated by the European Festivals Association, is the portal for citizens and for professionals to discover and get involved in Europe’s festivals.  It is a new international festival platform connecting festivals that are deeply committed to the arts, their communities and European values. The platform invites audiences worldwide to access up-to-date festival information and participate in festivals across Europe. 
Above all EFFE recognizes the immense excellence of these festivals in their daily local work all across Europe. 

You can relive the 16th festival through our gallery and by visiting the press corner or browsing the program of previous edition and its side events.

update 17th july 2020


Saturday 1st August 8:30 pm – Carro – Piazza della Chiesa

Duo Nordio Sciortino
Domenico Nordio 
Orazio Sciortino 
F. Mendelssohn Sonata op.4 – F. Schubert Sonatina in la – R. Schumann Romanze – E.Grieg, Sonata n.3 in do minore
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Sunday 2nd august 8:30 pm, 9:30pm (double shift)

Calice al Cornoviglio Malaspina’s Castle
Recital of the violinist Andrea Cardinale
The soul of Caprices in the world of Paganini
Andrea Cardinale 
Music by di J.S.Bach, N.Paganini 

Tuesday 4th agosto 8:30 pm, 9:30pm (double shift)

Riccò del Golfo,  Ponzò village, Churchyard of Saint Bartolomeo’s Church
Recital by the young violinist Flavia Napolitano
Valentina Messa piano
L.v.Beethoven, sonata n 1 per violino e pianoforte
N.Paganini, Sonata Concertata
N.Paganini, Capriccio n 13
N.Paganini, Cantabile
P.Sarasate, Zingaresca

Wednesday 5th August 6:00pm

Casa Paganini – Multimedia and Museum Center
Carro (La Spezia) via Paganini 29
Conference – Concert
Paganini and his love for guitar in chamber music
By the violinist Marco Fornaciari and the guitarist Domenico Lafasciano and with the intervention of the expert Giovanni Accornero.
Some pieces will be performed with the historical guitar, Ory-Koliker guitar realized in Paris in 1797, which belonged to Niccolò Paganini. Lafasciano will present, for the first time ever, his composition entitled “Extravagant Prelude – Homage to Niccolò Paganini” which will be performed on the guitar belonged to the great Genoese Maestro.
Music by Niccolò Paganini, Luigi Legnani, Domenico Lafasciano.

8:30pm Sesta Godano, Churchyard of Saint Maria Assunta’s Church

That diabolical Paganini!
Virtuosities and sound intimacy for violin and guitar
Marco Fornaciari violin
Domenico Lafasciano 
Music by Niccolò Paganini, Alessandro Rolla, Luigi Legnani, Domenico Lafasciano.

Thursday 13th August 9:00 pm – Santo Stefano di Magra, Piazza della Pace

Pietro Tagliaferri,
Francesco Attesti,
Music by G. Piernè, C. Saint Saëns, F. Chopin, G. Rossini, E. Morricone/M. Berzolla, M. Mangani

Sunday 9th August 9:30 pm – Levanto, Sagrato di S. Andrea

In collaboration with the Associazione Amici di Paganini – Paganini Genova Festival and Amfiteatrof Music Festival
Theater concert
Paganini: the minimum life and the wonder
Journey of discovery and amazement through the life of the great Genoese violinist, in his own words and in those who knew him.
Text by Andrea Nicolini – Transcriptions by Michele Trenti
Esemble Phonodrama: Andrea Nicolini actor narrator – Gianluca Nicolini transverse flute – Fabrizio Giudice guitar – Lorenzo Tedone clarinet – Luigi Tedone bassoon
Music by N. Paganini

Monday 10th August 7:00pm  and 9:00pm (double shift)

Varese Ligure – Church
In collaboration with Lirica Culb – 3rd Music Festival of Varese
In occasion of the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth
An die unsterbliche geliebte
(To the immortal beloved)
Stefania Carrara, Fabio De Rosa 
Emanuele Delucchi 
Music by L.v. Beethoven

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Tuesday 11th August 9:00pm – Brugnato – Cloister of the Diocesan Museum

Recital by the pianist Nicolò Ricci
J.S.Bach: Music n.4 in D major bwv 828
Bach / kempff: Choral “Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ” Bwv 639
L.v.Beethoven: Sonata in A flat major op. 110

Wednesday 12th August 9:00pm – Ponzano Superiore

Recital by the violinist Oleksandr Pushkarenko
Christian Pastorino 
Sonata for violin W.A. Mozart in E minor K.304
Sonata for violin C. Franck in A Maggiore
C. Saint-Saens – Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso op.28

Thursday 13th August 7.00pm and 9.00pm (double shift)

Varese Ligure-Salone della Compagnia via Chiesa 7
In collaboration with the 3rd Music Festival of Varese Ligure
On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth
Above the stars
Valentina Messa and Emanuele Delucchi piano
Francesca Manfrin readings
Music by L.v. Beethoven Symphony op. 67 / I mov. (transcribed for four-hand piano by X. Scharwenka) – Fantasy op. 77 – Bagatelle op. 126 – Great Escape op. 134, for four-hand piano
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Friday 14th August 6.30 pm

Casa Paganini – Multimedia and Museum Center, via Paganini, 29, Carro (SP) Meeting
Musical high schools a novelty to be discovered: the example of the Sandro Pertini State High School of Genoa.
Speakers for the School:
Prof. Alessandro Cavanna,
school manager
Prof. Alberto Macrì,
assistant principal
Prof. Fabio Fabbri,
head of the music section
Prof. Mario Del Grosso,
events manager

8.15 pm , Church square, Carro (Sp)
Award Ceremony for the consignment of the scholarship
“Festival Paganiniano di Carro”

8:30 pm, Church Square, Carro (SP)
Trio Atos
Annette von Hehn violin
Stefan Heinemeyer cello
Thomas Hoppe piano
Beethoven / Trio in G Major, Op.1 n. 2
Dvorak / Trio n. 3 in F-minor, op 65


Concerts in Carro (From 1st to 14th August):  Full admission € 15.00 – reduced € 10.00
Concerts other locations: 
​Full admission € 10.00 – reduced € 8.00
Subscription € 40.00

For reservations and information info@sdclaspezia.it